How To Reduce Estrogen Levels In Men

How To Reduce Estrogen Levels In Men

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Testosterone is the primary hormone that gives males their “male” characteristics. As soon as a young boy strikes adolescence, his body gets flooded with testosterone, and he becomes a guy. Testosterone is responsible for the appropriate advancement of male sexual characteristics. It is also important for keeping muscle bulk, appropriate levels of red blood cells, bone density, sense of well-being, and sexual and reproductive function. On the other hand, females have estrogen, which is the female “tantamount” of testosterone. In ladies, estrogen is precisely what is responsible for the proper advancement of female sexual characteristics.

So, men, have testosterone and ladies have estrogen, right? Wrong. Guy have testosterone, and estrogen-women have both too. The difference is that guys produce about ten times more testosterone than females do (and vice versa). So although men’s bodies are dominant in testosterone, we likewise produce low levels of estrogen.

So what causes low testosterone levels among men?

In reality, a certain amount of estrogen in guys is essential for optimal body function. Insufficient levels of estrogen increases the risk of developing debilitating health conditions like osteoporosis in men. However, too much of the same hormone and men will start developing female characteristics which is not a good thing for a man’s health and ego.

As men age, testosterone levels gradually drop at a rate of about 1% every year. Likewise, their estrogen levels will start to increase.

When estrogen levels start getting high in males, health problems begin to arise. Raised estrogen levels in men have been revealed to add to prostate cancer and heart disease, in addition to gynecomastia-also referred to as “guy boobs.” Since lower levels of testosterone generally accompany higher levels of estrogen, other changes take place including loss of muscle mass, tiredness, low sex drive, impotence. Finally, extreme estrogen in men raises body fat and can add to diabetes and high lipids.

However, it’s not merely older men who experience higher levels of estrogen-it happens to young guys too. People who don’t take care of themselves are far more likely to reveal elevated estrogen levels than males who remain in good shape. For example, testosterone begins to convert to estrogen in men as they age due to the aromatase response.

Aromatase is an enzyme that contributes to converting testosterone to estrogen and is discovered most prevalently in fat cells. For that reason, the more body fat a male has, the more aromatase and the more estrogen he is most likely to have. So you see, a younger man who is obese with excess fat-especially around the middle-will most likely see a spike in estrogen levels accompanied by a drop in testosterone levels.

So what can you do about it?

If you want to avoid excessive estrogen levels, then you need to start watching your weight and preserve lean muscle mass. In particular, pay attention to the fat around the middle of your body. These fat cells produce aromatase, which can result in higher estrogen levels in men, hence altering the hormonal balance. You can start taking Alpha Prime Supplement and similar health products that counteract high levels of estrogen in the body.

Another way to maintain healthy testosterone levels among men is to start using subcut and block e3 which is a kind of body shaping cream that targets explicitly excess fat deposits in the body that contribute to estrogen dominance. Bodybuilders often use these products although they can also be used to treat problems like gynecomastia (man boobs) resulting from excessive estrogen levels.

A variety of specialists have likewise started to believe that there is a link in between the ingestion of hormone-enhanced food and raised estrogen levels. More research study is sure to be done on the subject so stay tuned. In any case, hormonal agent- and pesticide-free, unprocessed foods are best for your body so stick to those.

Natural Health Supplements For Mental, Physical and Social Health

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No matter your physical condition or what stage of life you may be in, health supplements can go far to improve your overall well being. People use health supplements for one of three factors – they want to improve their mental, physical or social health.

The key to finding high quality health supplements is to search for ones which support your entire system. The “right” health supplements will be herbal/plant based. Supplements made from herbs/plants contain all of the life-affirming nutrients that the human body needs to fight disease and illness. They also work to bring greater vitality to your life because a healthy body improves self-esteem and happiness.

Proxacine is a good example of a health supplement that supports and improves mental, physical and social health. Proxacine works as 1) anti-agent 2) pain reducer 3) immune system booster 4) energy booster. Its combination of natural, powerful ingredients works to increase libido, improve memory and learning, maintain glutathione levels, detoxify the body, digest protein, and above all it work to bind positive and negative ions in the body. Proxacine is a powerful, natural anti-oxidant and is a great scavenger of free-radicals. It has a wide range of medicinal properties and it enhances mental well-being.

There are a wide variety of health supplements in the marketplace today. Some work to improve energy, while others work to boost the immune system, promote sexual health, and fight cancer and more. Many of today’s mysterious illness (such as chronic fatigue syndrome, leaky gut) are being treated with health supplements. Once the system is rebalanced through health supplements, energy improves and the immune system is boosted and capable of fighting off disease and other infirmities.

It is interesting to note that health supplements are not just for the ill. Health supplements can greatly benefit the healthy, too. When health supplements are incorporated into a healthy individual’s diet, they can go far to enhance energy, libido, self-esteem, as well as keeping any hereditary diseases dormant and inactive. Feeling that your sex drive or energy levels are waning? Start taking a natural health supplement and you will see an increase in your libido and energy – which will in turn improve your mental health and social life.

When searching for health supplements, look for those that are natural and made up of plants/herbs. Remember that natural health supplements work on the three components of health: mental, physical and social. These three areas are not independent of one another and are interrelated. Therefore, they should be treated as a whole.

How L-Carnitine Helps In Weight Loss and Health

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Have you ever noticed those labels with bold letters indicating “with L-Carnitine” on different food products as you have passed the grocery store? Or have you ever noticed those bottled beverages with their labels indicating, rich in L-Carnitine? Have you ever wondered what L-Carnitine is? How does it contribute to our body’s needs? So next time you visit the grocery store you can either decide on picking up or ignoring that certain foods that are labeled with L-Carnitine. This article discuss what is L-Carnitine, its benefits and how does it contribute in weight loss.

L-Carnitine is the biologically active form of carnitine which is essential in the process of transporting fatty acids from the cytosol to the mitochondria during the breakdown of fats to produce metabolic energy. L-Carnitine is a substance that is beneficial because it turns fats into energy. It is made by the liver and kidney and later stored in the skeletal muscles, heart and brain. But the production of L-Carnitine varies from one person to another, some people can produce enough carnitine but others cannot or cannot transport L-Carnitine to tissues. Factors such as angina, intermittent claudication and medications can affect the production and transportation of L-Carnitine.

As an antioxidant, L-Carnitine helps in the treatment of various conditions, particularly in battling the harmful particles in the body which can effect to damage or tamper our DNA. Antioxidants avoid the damages that the harmful particles cause.

It’s Good For The Heart

L-Carnitine is good for people with angina or chest pain to stabilize angina pectoris. The substance also prevents the occurrences of symptoms of angina and allows the patient to undergo exercise without having chest pains. Other than that, L-Carnitine is used in combination with other treatments after a heart attack because it reduces another occurrence, die with heart disease or have abnormal heart rhythms and even as worst as heart failure. It is known as well to reduce the symptoms of heart failure and enables a person to have exercise even with heart failure.

It Fights Other Diseases

L-Carnitine helps in peripheral vascular diseases, which it acts in reducing the occurrence of symptoms and enables the person to walk. It even helps in diabetic neuropathy were it decreases or relieves the pain felt by the person and increase feeling in affected nerves. It helps in nerve regeneration. L-Carnitine boosts exercise performance, slow down progression in Alzheimer’s disease, relieve depression and reduce dementia. This substance is also know to affect reproduction as it can increase sperm count and motility and aids in erectile dysfunction. In patients with hyperthyroidism, it is good to take L-Carnitine because it reduces the symptoms of insomnia, palpitations, nervousness and tremors.

It’s Great For Weight Loss As Well

L-Carnitine aids in weight loss were it is known as a weight loss agent. Some research shoes that L-Carnitine reduces fat mass in the body while it increases muscle mass. It’s known to reduce fatigue and most importantly, contributes to weight loss for those who wanted to drop some pounds.

Now where do you get L-Carnitine? It’s mostly from foods, specifically nuts, seeds, legumes or pulses, vegetables, fruits, cereals and other healthy foods. Other sources include over-the-counter vitamins and energy drinks. Indeed, L-Carnitine is a good supplement which is accessible as well. It’s not only for weight loss but for keeping your body strong enough to battle various types of diseases. So grab those products with L-Carnitine after you read all these benefits, give L-Carnitine a chance to help you have a healthy body.

Nutritional Benefits of Whey Protein

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Adequate nutrition for your body before and after strenuous work-outs is important in order for you to reap the maximum benefits from your efforts. An increasingly popular way of achieving this is through the use of natural Whey Protein supplements.

Nowadays many athletes, especially Body Builders, are utilizing natural Whey Protein supplements to replenish protein levels that are burned off through hard-core exercise routines. Amino Acids prevent deterioration in muscle tissue as well as provide endurance and assist in building mass. Proteins help supply these amino acids.

– So what exactly is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein is derived from cow’s milk and is also a by-product of making cheese, which in the past was typically thrown out as a waste product. We now know that Whey Protein is rich in amino acids essential for building muscle and overall good health.

Whey Protein is also naturally found in breast milk as well as some types of baby formula. Although protein is also found in other foods such as meats and vegetables, Whey Protein is known to have the highest digestible levels of protein that the body can use.

Whey Protein offers several other health benefits like a healthier immune system, stronger bones, weight loss, and just plain overall better well being. Whey Protein is also sometimes used to help speed the healing of wounds or burns.

– Are there risks or side affects?

Since Whey Protein is derived from food it doesn’t have any of the risks associated with man-made supplements. However, you can even have too much of a good thing if you’re not careful. Extreme high use can be more than your liver can handle. Moderation is always best.

For those who are lactose intolerant, there is Whey Protein Isolate which has less than 1% lactose.ts

How To Take Supplements

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It’s unfortunate but many people have digestive systems that find it hard to break down food and absorb nutrients – this can be caused by poor levels of stomach acid, toxic substances in the gut, insufficient production of digestive enzymes among other reasons.

This condition can of course be dramatically improved as nutrient intake is increased slowly. An organic diet is of course the healthiest you can use but you may just need to compensate for any shortfalls and take some supplements.
You don’t need to visit your doctor to take supplements they can be self-prescribed once taken in small regular amounts, which can be ideal for treating any minor health problems.

Taken Supplements in large amounts for either nutritional support of server pathological conditions have been found to be therapeutic on their own or with conventional medical treatments. Always remember larger doses should be taken under the supervision of your physician or nutritional therapist.

When To Take Supplements

The best time to take supplements is with meals the body can absorb it best when your digestive system has been stimulated by the presence of food. Time-released formulas should be taken with food as to make sure they travel through the body at the correct speed and for efficient release at the appropriate place.

Water-soluble vitamins quickly pass through the body, so basically taken them twice or three times a day is often the best practice. Fat-soluble vitamins are better absorbed if taken with meals that include some fat. Almost all minerals work in conjunction with vitamins and should be taken along with them.

Some minerals can interfere with the absorption of others so make sure to take them at different time to your multiformula. If you multiformula contains antagonistic minerals there will not be enough to conflict with one another so you don’t need to worry.

    • Vitamins A, D, E – Should be taken with meals which include a little oil or Fat
    • Vitamin B-Complex – This should be taken first thing in the morning to give maximum energy, but can of course be taken anytime especially if taken with whole grains.
    • Vitamin C – Taken with meal if possible, can be taken on an empty stomach if you don’t feel like eaten because of a cold. Take two or three times a day.
    • Time-Release – Take with your main meal of the day.
    • Iron – Best absorbed with food.
    • Calcium – About 30 minutes before bedtime.
    • Magnesium – About 30 minutes before bedtime.
    • Multi-formulas – These can be taken anytime but best with small amounts of food.

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